For a couple of weeks I’ve felt stuck. Not as bad as I have in the past, but regardless, the feeling was there. Everything seemed to be darting straight past me and I felt left behind, dangerously close to the point where I wouldn’t be able to catch up again. I was then asked to hang out by one of my closest friends I hadn’t seen in a bit. She’s basically my sister, I can go to her about quite literally anything and I wont get anything but love and understanding. We took pictures all night. Adventures always seem to make me feel whole again. Wandering around with someone that means so much, laughing and talking about nothing in particular, it makes me feel a little more real than I tend to. I’m learning most days. To deal with myself, to know how to be kind to myself when I need it. It’s days like this one that make me realize maybe I’m doing a better job at it than I thought.


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