Life is strange. I think that’s just about the only sentence I can think of to describe this past year. It’s crazy, and unexpected, and sometimes I’d really like life to be a person so we could fight. I’m surviving though, although there’s been absolutely no shortage of my heart being tossed around and completely wrecked. 

This past week I’ve been extremely reflective about this past year, and how it’s felt like everything and nothing all at once. It felt like it lasted ages in the moment, yet looking back now it really just flew by. I’m finding time seems to go by faster the older I get. This year wrecked me, but in that it also helped me realize a lot of things, the biggest being my own self worth and the fact that I definitely don’t give myself enough credit sometimes. (As the wise Kylie Jenner once said…2016 was the year of like….realizing things.) 

I constantly fell in love this year. I fell in love with people, how they work, how different yet similar we all are. My heart for others grew, I know for a fact I’m way more compassionate and caring than I was a year ago. I’ve learned to grow in patience and understanding, and that’s something I hold so valuable. I fell in love with a boy (no one tell him), and he’s the best, he keeps me rational, we have good times. I fell in love with music, and how many feelings it can evoke, how words can carry so much weight and so many different meanings for different people. Words! There’s another thing I fell in love with. This year I discovered writing was something I’m extremely passionate about. I’m not exactly the most structured or sophisticated (see above),but I love it, and it keeps me sane. 

I ended my 2016 in Kansas City celebrating my birthday with some of my best friends. (IM 17 NOW!!!! Officially the dancing queen, young and sweet.) Reflecting on the roller coaster the year has taken me on, there’s been a lot of pain, like a ridiculous amount,,,,,,,, like come on life why’d you do me like that? BUT, there’s been joy too, and endless experiences that I would never change for the world. I wouldn’t have 2016 be any different, because every moment shaped me into who I am more and more every day. 

I’ll leave you with a playlist of songs that got me through 2016, I’ve rediscovered, or I’ve just fallen in love with. They’re all different, but they make my heart warm for different reasons, I hope they do the same for you. 


p.s. Make 2017 yours, I believe in you. 


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